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Team Xtreme

The new faces Brad Rogers and Gabriel Beckett aka “Team Xtreme” took ownership of the gym in October 2017 and are creating a vibrant and exhilarating environment, where people of any shape and size can enjoy their training without a need to feel intimidated.  We offer great customer service, we’re building a great community and we’re striving for greatness.

We have Olympic athletes training alongside weekend sports enthusiasts, training alongside people that have never used a gym before.

Our emphasis is on a facility for all people of all ages uniquely combining Strength and Power with Fitness and Toning.

Our goal is to build the kind of place where anyone, from anywhere, in any shape, can walk in, be welcomed, encouraged to define their goals, receive the best advice, train on the best kit and walk out with a body and mindset that gives them lifelong confidence!

What you will find is that our gym provides an environment of hard work, determination, and results

Many of our members have built impressive physiques and some have gone on to compete and win at the top level in a multitude of sports.

They will personally testify that Xtreme Fitness and its atmosphere pushed them further than they ever thought possible.

With many members becoming lifelong friends and sharing each other’s good and bad lifelong fitness experiences.

We have family’s training side by side, encouraging and pushing each other to succeed and youngsters honing their boxing skills and building the self-esteem that will carry them through life. We truly believe that the gym we have created has the potential no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are to push you above and beyond any gym experience you ever had before.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon.

Real People, Real Gym, Real Results

Xtreme Team


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