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Our classes are designed to teach, train and push you to reach your goals…

Xtreme Spin with Gemma or Gabs. 
Xtreme Spin is indoor cycling re-invented. Forty-five minutes is all it takes to transform the way you look and feel. Get ready for fat-burning cardio, a full-body workout strengthens the legs and gluts and excellent for that all round cardio burn!!

We can also offer a class aimed at all riders who are looking to build their endurance and short burst power over longer rolling courses.

Each interval will be a combination of faster descents at 75% of MHR into some short hills where you will come out of the saddle to 80-85% MHR.

A perfect class for any riders who are training for distance events such as a sportives or triathlons and for xtreme fitness!!

ladies lift

Xtreme Body Conditioning with Paige.
X – Body conditioning is a weight lifting group exercise class modelled after the very popular “Body Pump” by Les Mills. 60 minutes of full body, fat shredding, muscle pumping, exercises to heart pumping music. Great for full body toning and fat loss


Xtreme BoxHIT with Box2Burn.
The most fun and challenging boxing based aerobic workout ever! Ran by Box2Burn professional Coaches this is a great introduction to getting fit for boxing.



Xtreme Upper Body Beasting with Gabs.
The ultimate total upper body interval training experience, targeting the upper body to improve fitness, overall strength and muscle tone.

body shredd

Xtreme  HIIT-Advanced with Paul or Gabs.
Combines bodyweight exercises with the latest high intensity interval training (HIIT) and Tabata techniques, working on the premise that in order to burn fat, you need to boost your resting metabolism.

Gym SaleXtreme Abs, Asses, & Hamstrings
Is perfect for anyone looking to strengthen, tone and tighten up crucial areas: mid-section (core), legs (quads/hamstrings), & Booty (Glutes).

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Xtreme Strength Camp
Learn Powerlifting techniques from real competitors.

Xtreme Shoe Camp
Nothing like boot camp at all, but you’ll have one hell of a workout!


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