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What are you searching for?

Chances are that if you’ve landed on this page you were searching for something.


What do people search for on the internet? Why would you search for Xtreme Gym and then go onto our blog? You’ve got lots of things to do yet you clicked here.

What brought you here?

Research shows that we search the internet for answers; often this is for questions we don’t always have the answers for, but sometimes it’s actually for reaffirmation as to our own reality. You can find pretty much any research on the internet you want to back up the story you want to tell yourself. I’ll come back to this in a little bit.

Maybe you are looking for a local gym, maybe you are doing some comparison or maybe you’re already an Xtreme Gym member and visiting us for your fitness is part of your daily or weekly routine. Well done, we love you and thanks for supporting us.

For those of you who aren’t already members, do you have a place that inspires you to be better physically & mentally, work harder at your condition and takes no BS? We all need that kind of place because no matter how great you are at your job or fantastic at being mum/ dad, your health is the single most important thing you can take care of, and doing it alone is hard.

Which is why pockets of paradise like Xtreme Gym exist: it offers an environment to be the best YOU possible. What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?

Statistics show that physically fit people who train achieve more. Everywhere. They outperform, outshine and outwork their mere mortal counterparts. Why is that?

Because performance is linked to fitness and fitness is linked to physical and mental well-being.

We know that you’re busy. You’ve got a lot of things on: a deadline, a report, a story, yada yada. We don’t care. Where is your time allocated for your health and internal well-being so that you can get on with all those cool, kick-ass things you want to actually get done?

Remember earlier when I mentioned the internal dialogue we tell ourselves? To make us rationalize our own story?

What is your own story? No one suddenly wakes up with 20 extra pounds or a health condition related to weight.

So take charge, take control and join us. We’ve got beginners, experts and competition champions. The competition is with yourself, the Xtreme Gym team are just there to guide you as you see fit and as you need it. Life is an enormously fantastic journey, it’s just better travelled together so make Xtreme Gym part of your fitness routine and we look forward to welcoming you here.


Looking to join Xtreme?
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